A wide variety of available grades

  • EVERHARD is available in 6 grades of the Standard Series and 3 grades of the High Toughness Series, which guarantees low temperature toughness of −40°C (−40°F) and also considers internal hardness.
  • With the addition of the super abrasionresistant grade EVERHARD-SP to these two series, the EVERHARD product line includes a total of 10 grades.
  • The target value (average value) of Brinell surface hardness is used in the numerical figures in the grade names so that customers can easily understand the properties of each grade.
  • By specifying narrow ranges of Brinell hardness, consideration is given to reducing variations in formability in customers’ manufacturing processes.

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JFELion Metal is a leading wholesaler vendor, merchant, and exporter of JFE-Everhard Plates. We also manufacture all the household stainless steel, high nickel alloys, and carbon steel.

JFE-Everhard Plates is designed with a chemical composition such as silicon, chromium, sulfur, titanium, molybdenum, boron, phosphorus, manganese and carbon.

JFE plates are made with mechanical properties and specifications such as surface paint, heat treatment, thickness, yield strength, elongation, hardness, tensile strength and many more.

These plates are made invariant types like steel plates, steel sheets, wear-resistant plates, high tensile plates, abrasion resistant sheets, sheets fabricators, wear plates, and many more.

JFE-Everhard Steel Plates Application

JFE-Everhard Steel Plates is applicable for many purposes as well as in industries such as the oil & gas industry, paper industry, cement industry, chemical industry, refineries industry, nuclear plants, petrochemical industry, fertilizer industry, aerospace industry, and mining industry.

JFE plates are useful mainly in general purposes includes snow sheds, building constructions, vehicle chassis, container frames structure, steel bridges truck frames, rail cars, crane booms, machine building, lifting & mobile equipment, hoppers, switching dampers, dredger buckets, shear liners, and many more other purposes.

JFE EH Steel Plates have variant qualities that include such as good weldability, small temperature toughness, excellent formability, holds abundant abrasion resistance, displays extreme hardness and many more.

These plates enable the lighter weight plate and longer life. These are helpful in the atmosphere to conserve natural resources, extreme toughness from cold conditions and low-temperature toughness.

These plates have extreme resistance from the crevice, corrosion cracking element, seawater, and rust of the iron. These plates are corrosion free from the rust and sea water.

JFE Plates are an ideal choice for many customers to the high-performance level under the high corrosive and abrasion resistance atmospheres.

This plate displays the quality like high hardness, super formability, amazing machining properties, and also includes extreme cold temperature toughness. These plates are required for the great corrosive environment with high enactment.

Our all the products undergo through several tests after the production such as flattering tests, hardness test, flaring test, micro & macro test, pitting resistance test, chemical test, positive material recognition, intergranular corrosion test, and so on.

JFE EVERHARD Plate Specification :

  • Item: Abrasion Resistant Plate
  • Thickness : 6 – 32mm, 6 – 25.4mm
  • Length : 1,0000mm to 12,000mm
  • Width : 500mm to 3000mm
  • Surface : Tempering, Quenched, Normalized.
  • Certificates : ISO9001:2000
  • Production : Hot-Rolled (HR) / Cold-Rolled (CR)
  • Applications : concrete industry, metallurgy, fan industry, coal industry, mining machinery, construction machinery,etc.
  • Heat treatment : Controlled heat treatment
  • Material : JFE EVERHARD C550, JFE EVERHARD Steel Plate, JFE EVERHARD Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates, JFE EVERHARD Wear Resistant Plates