The few elements on the rail vehicles such as the bogies have many different variants. These components are mainly composed of welding structures, with different loads but always very high.

To provide undisputed material selection for these components, we need high precision and high standard customized production, which must have the maximum production efficiency and flexibility. It can provide the first-class service for the rail transportation industry to meet the specific needs of the customers.


Turnout and rail

In the production of flat bottom rail, slotted rail or turnout, two points are particularly important: maximum reliability and long service life. Because the turnout and rail are subjected to strong mechanical and thermal loads day by day. The tensile strength of the steel rail up to 700 – 1600N/mm, this is a real challenge for the steel itself. This needs to meet the requirements of material selection for track construction in all circumstances. The company’s products Lion strong base is an ideal object in this area. They can be used for all common track shape and slope, and all materials should have high smelting process reliability and long service life cycle.



On track vehicles, most of today’s use is the whole wheel (Dan Tilun). These safety related vehicle elements must be able to withstand huge physical loads and temperature loads.

Forged steel (tensile strength is up to 350HB) must be professionally smelted and forged. Because of its surface quality, it has a direct impact on the driving performance and energy efficiency. Lion Metal track special steel can easily cope with these challenges, to provide users with a programme of economic material the highest surface precision, safety and flexibility.