Custom Heavy Steel Fabrication Services

The Lion Metal Company is a custom steel fabrication specialist for job and machine shops. We are often classified as a “fabricator’s fabricator.” we have earned an excellent reputation with custom metal fabrication for job shops and machine shops because of the quality of the steel and alloy products, steel segments, rolled and welded cylinders, components and parts that we design, engineer and build.
Key steel fabrication services that we perform for custom metal fabrication job shops and machine shops include CAD design, plate bending, mechanical engineering, manufacturing of wear resistant components, plate rolling, plate forming, metal forming, cold forming, hot forming, steel plate fabrication, welding, heat treating, plate cutting and plate straightening. We have the capabilities, industry experience, and specialized equipment needed to form, cut, machine, process and join most types of heavy steel, alloy steel or metal.
We process a variety of materials for custom metal fabrication job and machine shops including stainless steel, carbon steel, carbon alloy, nickel alloy, aluminum, copper, brass, heat resistant alloys, corrosion resistant alloys, abrasion resistant alloys, non-ferrous steel and chrome carbide overlay plates.