Military solution
We imprive national defese equipment precision and performance


Since the industrial revolution, the iron and steel became defense equipment is the most intimate “Allies”.Parade of mighty tactical vehicle speakers break ground on the battlefield, is the backbone of steel supporting its surrender, and steel put on lots of “helmet breastplates” for them.Have you ever thought of, however, more than two hundred years, the development of military steel footsteps never stop.Seemingly single color, there is no sign of life of armored vehicles equipped with steel, have dozens of models, hundreds of specifications, it even decides the upgrading of equipment.

The pursuit of high strength is never stopped


High strength is the common pursuit of national military steel, never stop.Tanks, for example, armor plate need to withstand the impact of the crossing obstacle huge gas flushing, explosion and impact of extreme complex service environment, the technical requirement is very high, much higher than general body structural steel strength level and thickness.Macao feng metal for armored vehicles to provide enough special steel grades and materials available in size, a rotating turret steel adopted international advanced alloy design and production process, not only high strength, but also has high toughness and corrosion resistance.

The difficulties faced by weldability is military enteprise


With the improvement of steel strength level, alloy element in steel, steel carbon equivalent and crack sensitivity has been greatly increased, which makes the steel welding becomes very difficult.High hardness steel welding is very difficult, usually rolled into many thin plate, and then overlap with other hardness of steel plate on to the main deck with screws.

Stealth is a development trend


General steel with certain magnetism.Magnetic for some special purpose of armored vehicles is very bad.Because it is easy to magnetic detector to detect enemy, or hit by the enemy magnetic weapons.So special armored vehicles must be degaussing, in order to prevent the magnetic weapons or by magnetic detection to armored vehicles.Low magnetic and non magnetic steel to stealth can have very good effect.No magnetic steel is a kind of functional material, it USES a wide range in terms of special armored vehicles and other equipment.