What is dillidur

Dillidur is the English brand name of the Dillidur wear-resistant steel plate produced by Dillinger Steel .

What material is dillidur wear plate

Dillidur wear-resistant plate is a kind of high-strength wear-resistant plate produced by Germany Dillinger Steel Company.

Dillinger Steel Company was founded in 1685. The German Dillinger Steel Company with a history of more than 300 years is one of the pioneers in the production and manufacture of medium and heavy steel plates in the world. Provide more than 2 million tons of various high-quality medium and thick steel plates.

What are the applications of dillidur

The dillidur series of wear-resistant steel plates can effectively reduce the design weight of the equipment and improve its wear resistance. The excellent comprehensive performance of the material can ensure the realization of the goal of “high wear resistance, easy processing, material saving, and cost reduction”.

Because Dillinger Steel Company has systematically studied the purity and toughness of quenched and tempered steel plates to ensure that the safety requirements of steel plates are met to the greatest extent. Therefore, dillidur wear-resistant steel plates are widely used in earth-moving machinery, loading machinery, dredgers, dump trucks, conveying equipment, dump trucks, blades, cut-off crushers, waste treatment and recycling equipment, etc., and are the manufacturing of many machinery and equipment. The company’s preferred material.

Common models of dillidur wear-resistant steel plates : DILLIDUR 400 DILLIDUR 450 , DILLIDUR 500 , DILLIDUR 550 , DILLIDUR IMPACT, etc.