Alloy 46 superalloy

Alloy 46(UNS K94600, NiLo46) controls expansion alloy, 46% nickel composition, and balance iron for a variety of electronic applications, especially for glass and ceramic seals.

The controlled expansion alloy contains 46% Ni/Fe balance; Used in a variety of electronic applications, especially for glass and ceramic seals.

Alloy 46 Purpose

Used for making iron nickel cobalt alloy strip, bar, plate and pipe with hard glass.

It is suitable for electric vacuum devices such as transmitting tube, oscillation tube, ignition tube, transistor, tube seal plug and relay shell.

With a certain coefficient of linear expansion in the temperature range of 20℃-450℃, it can be firmly sealed with hard glass.

Alloy 46,UNS K94600,(Fe-46Ni),Chinese 4J46

Grade & Chemical Composition (see Table 1)
Table 1 Grade & Alloy 46 Chemical Composition

GradeChemical Composition (%)

1、Under condition that the average coefficient of the linear expansion meets the requirements of the standard, the content of nickel, cobalt and copper are allowed to deviate from the stated range.
2、The shape and dimensions of the alloys are in compliance with GB/T14985.

Physical Property (see Table 2)
Table 2 Alloy 46 coefficient of linear expansion

GradeHeat treatment of samplesAverage coefficient of linear expansion
4J46Heat to 850~900°C in a protective atmosphere or in vacuum condition, hold for 1 hour, and then cool to 300℃ at a rate less than 300℃/h5.5~6.55.6~6.67.0~8.0

1. The Vickers hardness of the annealed strip (sheet) should be no more than 170.
2. For the unannealed strip (sheet) delivered, after heat treat at 900℃, and then hold for 30 min, the Vickers hardness should be no more than 170.

Typical Property (see Table 3—Table 6)
Table 3 Alloy 46 coefficient of linear expansion

GradeAverage coefficient of linear expansion in different temperature, ā/(10-6/K)

Table 4 Alloy 46 Mechanical Property

GradeHeat treatment temperature,℃Tensile strength, sb/MPaTensile stretch, δ(%)Vickers hardnessGrain size

Table 5 Alloy 46 Magnetic Property

Grademagnetic inductionremanent magnetic induction/ Br/Tcoercivitymaxmum perameability

Table 6 Other Propertise of the Alloy

Grademodulus of elasticityResistivitythermal conductivity200℃/[W/(m•K)]Density/(g/cm3)