C90810 Product description: High tin bronze

CompositionHigh copper content (88.0 – 91.0%), aluminum (9.0 – 11.0%), with iron and other elements
Mechanical PropertiesTensile Strength: 655 MPa, Yield Strength: 310 MPa, Elongation: 20%
PerformanceExcellent mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance
ApplicationsMarine, industrial (bearings, gears), aerospace (bushings)
Sizes AvailableRound bars (10 – 300 mm), Hollow bars, Plates, Tubes
StandardsASTM B505/B505M, SAE J461
AdvantagesHigh strength, wear resistance, good machinability
DisadvantagesHigher cost, limited availability in certain forms


Product Introduction: C90810 High Tin Bronze

Chemical Composition

ElementComposition (%)
Copper (Cu)88.0 – 91.0
Tin (Sn)9.0 – 11.0
Zinc (Zn)≤ 1.0
Phosphorus (P)≤ 0.35
Lead (Pb)≤ 0.05
Nickel (Ni)≤ 0.50
Iron (Fe)≤ 0.25
Others≤ 0.5

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength, min415 MPa
Yield Strength, min (0.5% ext. under load)276 MPa
Elongation, min (%)15%
Brinell Hardness (500 kg load, 10 mm ball)100-140 HB

Performance at Different Temperatures

Temperature (°C)Yield Strength (MPa)Elongation (%)
Room Temperature27615

Industry Applications

  • Marine: Propellers, ship fittings
  • Bearings and bushings
  • Valve and pump components
  • Electrical contacts

Shape and Size

  • Rods, bars, tubes, sheets, custom shapes
  • Sizes: Diameter, thickness, length as per customer specifications

Production Standards

  • ASTM B505, SAE J461, J462
  • EN 1982: CC483K

Welding, Processing, Polishing, Heat Treatment, Cold Processing

WeldingGas metal arc welding (GMAW), TIG welding
ProcessingMachinability: Good, suitable for machining operations
PolishingAchieves smooth finish with standard polishing methods
Heat TreatmentAnnealing at specific temperatures to achieve desired properties
Cold ProcessingCan be cold worked to achieve specific shapes and sizes

Advantages and Disadvantages of Materials

Excellent corrosion resistanceHigher cost compared to some other bronze alloys
Good mechanical propertiesLimited availability in some regions
Wear resistance suitable for high-load applications
Machinability and formability

Similar Products and Comparison

MaterialCompositionSimilar Properties
C90700 BronzeCu: 88.0-90.0%, Sn: 10.0-11.5%Similar mechanical and corrosion resistance properties
C83600 Leaded Red BrassCu: 84.0-86.0%, Pb: 4.0-6.0%Lower corrosion resistance, lower strength

This outline provides a structured way to present detailed information about C90810 high tin bronze, covering its composition, mechanical properties, performance at different temperatures, applications, shapes and sizes, production standards, processing characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and comparison with similar products. Adjust the specific values and details based on actual manufacturer specifications and standards.