T2 Copper belt

T2 copper belt sometimes a small amount of deoxidizing elements or other elements are added to improve the material and performance, so it is also classified as copper alloy.

T2 copper refers to the copper-silver alloy, in which the copper + silver content of copper >99.9% is sufficient, there is no requirement for phosphorus. Conductivity ≥56Ms/m, resistance ≤0.0178×10-6 Ω. M.

  • Grade: T2
  • Electrical conductivity > 56
  • Pure copper strip (hard, ≥0.3mm)
  • Density: 8.9g /cm³
  • Executive standard: GB/T 2059-2017
  • Resistance < 0.017241

Advantage :

  1. Rolled Copper Foil has extraordinary strength,
    bendability, ductility and lustrous surface,
    plus its excellent mechanical capacity,
    makes it irreplaceable as a raw material.
  2. Especially when used for transformer, Copper Flexible Connector, CCL, FCCL, PCB, Geothermal Film, Construction, Decoration etc.
  3. The copper foil made by Lion can be customized for different temper, which including soft, quarter hard,half hard , hard temper, even special soft and special hard temper.

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T2 Copper Strip characteristics and scope of application

T2 Copper Strip: good electrical conductivity, heat conduction, corrosion resistance and machining properties, can be welded and brazed.

T2 copper
T2 copper

Containing lower conductivity and thermal conductivity impurities, trace oxygen has little effect on conductivity, thermal conductivity and processing properties, but easy to cause “hydrogen disease”, not suitable for processing (annealing, welding, etc.) and use in high temperature (such as >370°C) reductive atmosphere.

Usage: Used as electrical, heat conduction and corrosion resistant equipment. If wire, cable, conductive screw, blasting with detonator, chemical evaporator, storage and all kinds of pipelines.

T2 Copper Strip Specifications

  1. Product Name: RA CU Foil
  2. Application: RF Shielding
  3. Density: About 8.93g/cm³
  4. Shape: In Coil
  5. Width: 600mm (23.6”)
  6. Thickness: 10~150 Um
  7. Temper: H, O ,

Mechanical properties of T2 Copper Strip

  • Sample size: thickness ≥0.2
  • Tensile strength σb(MPa) : ≥195
  • Vickers hardness: ≤70HV

Product delivery state casting method

Delivery Status: Hard (Y)

Heat treatment specification and metallographic structure of products

Heat treatment specification: thermal processing temperature 900 ~ 1050°C; The annealing temperature is 500 ~ 700°C. The initial recrystallization temperature of cold-work hardened copper is 200 ~ 300°C.

T2 Copper Strip

T2 Copper Strip Chemical composition (mass fraction) /%

  • Copper Cu (%) : : –
  • Copper + Silver CuAg (%) : : ≥99.90
  • Tin Sn (%) : ≤0.002
  • Zn (%) : ≤0.005
  • Lead Pb (%) : ≤0.005
  • Ni (%) : ≤0.005
  • Iron Fe (%) : ≤0.005
  • Beryllium Sb (%) : ≤0.002
  • Sulfur S (%) : ≤0.005
  • As (%) : ≤0.002
  • Bi (%) : ≤0.001
  • Oxygen O (%) : ≤0.06
  • Other (%) : ≤0.1 (impurity)


Reference standard: GB/T5231-2012

Other hot selling copper materials: C17200 Beryllium Copper

Key Features:
  1. Cuts with scissors or paper cutter .
  2. Thick enough, so when glued to a backing-board, wood grain does not show through .
  3. Often used for punching, scrapbooking and other paper crafts.
  4. Has a wide range of applications based on workabilty and beauty.
  5. Cuts with household scissors, extremely pliable .
  6. Excelleent for tooling and will dent easily with a light touch but will not hold its sha[e umder pressure
  7. Dead soft, very pliable
  8. Creat designs by emboss drawing . denting , piercing ,rub-transferring , tracing , origami , and hammering (Repousse )
  9. Has a wide range of applications based on workability and beauty.
  10. Can be hammered, texturized or punched.
  11. Used for many outside or inside projects.
  12. There are many applications based on workability and beauty.

Table 1 : T2 Copper Strip Mechanical Properties

TemperJIS TemperTensile Strength Rm/N/mm 2Elongation A50/%Hardness HV
MO310~410≥ 3040~60
Y21/2H320~450≥ 2055~85
Table 2 : Alloy Number
Copper FoilT2Cu-ETPC11000C1100C101R-Cu57Thickness: 0.006-0.1 /Max Width: 650
Table 3 : Size & Tolerance
ThicknessThickness TolerancesWidthWidth Tolerances
0.006~0.04± 0.0011.0~650± 0.1
> 0.04~0.10± 0.002
Table 4 : Specifications
> 0.04~0.101.0~650O,1/2H,H,EH

Brief Information :

Lion T2 Copper Strip(RA Copper Foil) is rolled from pure copper ingots, the process including purifying copper ores, make into copper cathodes, ingoting, rolling, annealing, washing, testing, slitting and packing. Our copper ores are imported from South America, which were famous for their copper mining.

110-anneal (Electrolytic Tough Pitch or ETP) dead soft. Min 99.96% CU

This is high quality copper and has a wide range of applications based on conductivity, corrosion resistance, workability, and beauty.