C18150 Description

It has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high hardness, wear resistance, blast resistance, crack resistance and high softening temperature, less electrode loss during welding, fast welding speed, low welding total cost, suitable for welding machine electrode related pipe fittings, but the performance of electroplating parts is general

C18150 Introduction

Chromium-zirconium copper is a wear-resistant copper, with excellent hardness, excellent electrical conductivity and good temper resistance, good upright, thin sheet is not easy to bend, is a good aviation material processing electrode hardness 75(Brinell) density 8.95g/cm3 electrical conductivity 43MS/m softening temperature 550, Generally used for making welding machine electrodes with operating temperature below 350. The commutator plate of the motor and other kinds of work at high temperature require high strength. Hardness, electrical conductivity and conductivity parts, also can be used in the form of bimetal brake discs and disks. CuCrlZr, ASTM C18150 C18200

A copper chromium zirconium alloy C18150(CuCr1Zr) conforming to RWMA Class 11 which is used mainly for resistance welding application but also other applications which require high electrical conductivity properties with a degree of wear resistance and a higher strength than pure copper.The alloy can also be specified to BS 2872/2874 CC102, EN 12165/12420 and Din 17673/17678-1 W Nr 2.1293.

DescriptionCopper Chromium Zirconium
Nominal CompositionCuCr1Zr
Alloy TypeWrought

C18150 Typical Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength (N/mm²)380
Proof/Yield Strength (N/mm²)300
Elongation (%)15
Hardness Brinell130
Impact Izod J20°C

C18150 Typical Physical Properties

Density g/cm³8.9
Melting Temperature Range °C1070-1080
Thermal Conductivity W/mK320
Electrical Resistivity μΩ.m15°C2.15
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 0-250°C16.45
Relative Magnetic Permeability< 1.01
Coefficient of Friction

C18150 Equivalent Specifications

BS EN 12420 1999 CW106C
BS EN 12165 1998 CW 106C
BS EN 12163 2011 CW 106C
DIN 17665 2.1293
DIN 17672 2.1293
DIN 44759
ASTM B C18150
RWMA Class 11
MIL 19311
NFA 82100

Key Features

A high copper alloy with small additions of chromium and zirconium, that can be heat treated by quench and precipitation hardening.The addition of Zirconium helps prevent electrode sticking during the spot welding of galvanised steel.

Typical Uses

A high copper alloy with extremely good electrical and heat conductivity that is strengthened by heat treatment.

The main applications are for electrical connectors,switch gear and circuit breakers which require higher mechanical properties.It is also used in generators for commutor bars and end rings for electric motors.

Used for welding wheels,spotwelding electrodes.seam welding wheels and tips.Electrode holders and arms; oxygen jet tips. Moulds inserts for non ferrous casting moulds