6061 Aluminum Alloy introduction:

6061 aluminum alloy is a high quality aluminum alloy product produced by heat treatment and pre-stretching process.

Although its strength can not be compared with that of 2XXX series or 7XXX series, its magnesium and silicon alloy has many characteristics.

It has excellent processing performance, excellent welding characteristics and electroplating, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and no deformation after processing, dense material without defects and easy polishing, color film is easy, excellent oxidation effect and other excellent characteristics.

Square Bar
OD 5~500 ID 4~480
Square pipe

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6061 Introduction to Aluminum Alloy:

6061 PLATE6061 aluminum has good formability, weldability and machinability.

Mg-Al 6061-T651 is the main alloy of 6 series alloys, which is a high quality aluminum alloy product made by heat treatment and pre-stretching process.

Magnesium aluminum 6061 has excellent processing performance, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and no deformation after processing, color film is easy, excellent oxidation effect and other excellent characteristics.

Aluminium bar2.0~800mm6061T6Square tube100×100×10
Aluminium pipeexternal diameter 5~500 External diameter 4~4806061T6Square rod10×10~300×300
Aluminium plate250×1500×3006061-T651Sheet300×1500×3000

The main alloying elements of 6000 series aluminum alloy represented by 6061 aluminum position are magnesium and silicon, which have medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability and good oxidation effect.

It is widely used in various industrial structures requiring certain strength and high corrosion resistance, such as manufacturing trucks, tower buildings, ships, trams, railway vehicles, furniture, etc.

Corresponding Grade:

  • CN: 6061(LD30) GB/T 3190-2008
  • ISO: AlMg1SiCu ISO 209.1-1989
  • Japanese Industrial Standards: A6061 JIS H4000-1999 JIS H4040-1999
  • SABS: 65032 IS 733-2001 IS 737-2001
  • EN: EN AW-6061/AlMg1SiCu EN 573-3-1994
  • German standard: AlMgSi1Cu/3.3211 DIN 1725.1-1986/W-Nr
  • French standard: 6061(A-GSUC) NF A50-411 NF A50-451
  • British standard: 6061(N20/H20) BS 1470-1988
  • American-Standard: 6061/A96061 AA/UNS

Chemical Composition:

95.85 – 98.560.8 – 1.20.40 – 0.80.0 – 0.70.15 – 0.400.04 – 0.350.0 – 0.250.0 – 0.250.0 – 0.150.05 each, 0.15 total

Mechanical properties:

Aluminum alloy gradeAnd the stateTensile strength(25°C MPa)Yield strength(25°C MPa)Hardness 500kg Force 10mm BallExtend rate1.6mm(1/16in)Thickness


Aluminium bar2.0~800mm6061-T6Square tube100×100×10
Aluminium pipeExternal diameter 5~500

Inside diameter 4~1480

6061-T6Square rod10×10~300×300
Aluminium plate10-500*1500*30006061-T651sheep300×1500×3000

Heat Treatment

(1) Fast annealing: heating temperature 350 ~ 410°C; The holding time is between 30 and 120min depending on the effective thickness of the material. Air or water cooling.

(2) High temperature annealing: heating temperature 350 ~ 500°C; When the thickness of the finished product is greater than or equal to 6mm, the holding time is 10-30min, and when the thickness is less than 6mm, the heat penetration is reached. The cold air.

(3) Low temperature annealing: heating temperature 150 ~ 250℃; Holding time is 2 ~ 3h; Air or water cooling.


  1. The application of plate belt is widely used in decoration, packaging, construction, transportation, electronics, aviation, aerospace, weapons and other industries.
  2. Aerospace aluminum is used for aircraft skins, fuselage frames, girders, rotors, propellers, fuel tanks, siding and landing gear stanchions, as well as for rocket rings, spacecraft siding, etc.
  3. Aluminum for transportation is used for automobile, subway vehicle, railway passenger car, high-speed passenger car body structural parts, car doors and Windows, shelves, automobile engine parts, air conditioner, radiator, car body plate, wheel hub and naval vessel materials.
  4. Aluminum packaging materials are mainly in the form of thin sheets and foil as metal packaging materials, made of cans, caps, bottles, barrels, packaging foil. Widely used in beverage, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, industrial products and other packaging.
  5. Aluminum for printing is mainly used to make PS plate. Aluminum based PS plate is a new material in the printing industry, which is used for automatic plate making and printing.
  6. Aluminum alloy for architectural decoration is mainly used in building frame, doors and Windows, ceiling, decorative surface and so on because of its good corrosion resistance, enough strength, excellent technological performance and welding performance. Such as all kinds of building doors and Windows, curtain wall aluminum profiles, aluminum curtain wall panels, pressure plate, decorative plate, color coating aluminum plate and so on.
  7. Aluminum for electronic home appliances is mainly used in various busbars, wires, conductors, electrical components, refrigerators, air conditioners, cables and other fields. Specification: round rod, square rod.
  8. Representative uses include aerospace fixed device, electrical fixed device, communication field, but also widely used in automatic machinery parts, precision machining, mold manufacturing, electronics and precision instruments, SMT, PC board solder carrier and so on.