Application of beryllium copper in plastic mould

Now more and more beryllium copper mold materials have been used in the manufacturing of plastic molds, and there is an increasing trend. What is the reason for this phenomenon?
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  1. Sufficient hardness and strength: after many tests, engineers can find out and master the best precipitation hardening conditions and the best working conditions of beryllium copper alloy and the mass characteristics of beryllium copper alloy; Before beryllium copper material is used in plastic mold, it needs to go through several cycles of tests to finally determine the best physical properties and chemical composition in line with the manufacturing and processing; Proof of theory and practice – the hardness of beryllium copper in HRC36-42 can meet the requirements of plastic mold manufacturing hardness, strength, high thermal conductivity, easy machining, long service life of the mold and save the development and production cycle.
  2. Good thermal conductivity: the thermal conductivity of beryllium copper material is conducive to the control of the temperature of plastic processing molds, and it is easier to control the molding cycle, and at the same time, it can ensure the uniformity of mold wall temperature; If beryllium copper has a much shorter molding cycle than steel molds, the average mold temperature can be reduced by about 20%. When the difference between the average detouching temperature and the average mold wall temperature is small (for example, when the mold parts are not easily cooled), the cooling time can be reduced by 40% when beryllium copper molds are used. While the mold wall temperature only decreased by 15%; The above characteristics of beryllium copper mold materials will bring several benefits to the mold manufacturers using this material: shorten the molding cycle and increase productivity; The mold wall temperature uniformity is good, improve the quality of drawing products; The mold structure is simplified, because the cooling pipe is reduced; Can increase the material temperature, thereby reducing the wall thickness of products, reduce the cost of products.
  3. Long service life of the mold: Budget mould cost and the continuity of production, the service life of mould is expected for manufacturers is very important, in the strength and hardness of the beryllium copper requirements, under the condition of beryllium copper insensitivity of mold temperature stress can greatly improve the service life of the mold, before the use of beryllium copper mold material is determined also want to consider beryllium copper yield strength, elastic modulus, Thermal conductivity and coefficient of expansion at temperature. The thermal stress resistance of beryllium copper is much stronger than that of die steel, from which the service life of beryllium copper is remarkable!
  4. High thermal penetration: In addition to the tensile temperature conductivity, the thermal penetration of the mold material also has a very important effect on the plastic products. In the case of beryllium bronze molds, the traces of overheating can be eliminated. If the thermal penetration is low, the contact temperature in the distal area of the mold wall will be higher, which will increase the temperature difference of the mold. In extreme cases, this can cause regional temperature variations ranging from a shrinkage mark on one end of the plastic to an overheated product mark on the other. 5. Excellent surface quality: beryllium copper is very suitable for surface finishing, can be directly plated treatment, and the adhesion is very good, beryllium copper is easy to polish.