Aluminum bronze sleeves are commonly used accessories in machinery and can be widely used in various fields. In order to ensure its performance, the following details should be paid attention to during processing and production. When casting pure copper, it should be noted that the pure copper sleeve requires high electrical and thermal conductivity, but as long as there are trace impurities such as proportion, Mn, and P in the pure copper casting, its electrical and thermal conductivity will be sufficient. significantly reduced. Therefore, when melting and casting pure copper, the impurity content should be strictly limited, and attention should be paid to the three incompetencies of the charge, smelting equipment, and tools, that is, iron tools cannot be used. Crucibles for melting other copper alloys cannot be used. Use contaminated recycled materials.

Material characteristics and applications of aluminum bronze sleeves.

Copper accessories used in aluminum bronze sleeve mechanical clamping flat forging machines include copper sleeves, copper tiles, and copper sliding plates. The main application copper accessories include clamping slider upper guide rail guide plate, connecting rod sleeve, main slider guide rail lining plate, clamping slider lower guide rail copper plate, link plate bearing bush, link plate bearing bush, slider link bearing bush, clamping slider link tiles, link seat tiles, connecting rod small bearings, main slider bottom copper plate, overload plate copper sleeve, swing rod copper sleeve

Aluminum bronze sleeve alloy is mainly used to manufacture high-strength, wear-resistant structural components, such as brackets, gears, bushings, bushings, connecting ports, flanges, rocker arms, pilot valves, pump rods, cams, fixed nuts, etc. It has high strength and wear resistance and is widely used in high-voltage electrical appliances and shipbuilding industry. Quenching and tempering further improves strength, wear resistance and oxidation resistance.

Aluminum bronze sleeve processing technology requirements.

The aluminum in the cast aluminum bronze sleeve has a high affinity for oxygen and is easily oxidized to produce suspended oxide slag, forming a light oxide film on the surface. Liquid surface, can be used on the molten pool surface. The oxide film on the liquid surface can protect the internal copper liquid and does not require additional covering agent; however, the copper liquid should not be stirred too much and try to keep the oxide film on the liquid surface from being damaged. Cast tin does not need to add other precipitated oxidants: cast tin copper sleeves have strong suction. In order to reduce suction, they should be melted quickly in a weak oxidizing or oxidizing atmosphere and covered with protection. However, because the alloy contains a certain amount of zinc, phosphorus and other elements, it has a negative impact on the alloy liquid. Deoxidation, so there is no need to add other precipitation deoxidizers during the smelting process.